About Us


The company "Tona Co" sh.pk is a company with meat processing activity located in the city of Korca. It started its activity in 1992, in the first years of free market economy. As a result, in 1998 it was possible to invest in the construction of a modern factory in the city of Korça with an area of 2,800 m2, an investment which quickly bore fruit. Our investments over the years were accompanied by intensive marketing aiming at gradual growth of markets within Albania.

"Our" products are of very high quality to ensure the fulfillment of customer needs, supported by an excellent service provided to them. While "Tona Co" sh.pk develops and grows the community will continue to benefit from the values created by it. From only 3 traditional sausage products produced before 1998, today the company has developed a total of 80 quality products.

Since its creation "Tona Co" sh.pk has successfully faced all challenges becoming today an important factor in the national market, an activity started in the market of the Korça region and developed in 90% of the territory of Albania . The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition between existing companies presents an opportunity for "Tona Co" sh.pk to continue to be a factor in the Albanian market. The production structure of the company is:

  • Sausages and bacon
  • Packaged meat
  • Canned meat
  • Semi-finished products
  • Dough products
  • Industrial cheese products
  • Various sauce products
  • Chicken-based products (cutlets, etc.)


We are committed to offering customers high quality, delicious and nutritious products. Guided by our principles, we insist on setting the highest quality standards and being the model employer in our industry.

The mission of the company is the careful and detailed follow-up of hygiene in all production processes to provide high quality to meet the requirements of all customers and interest groups. "Tona Co" sh.pk is a company that owns a modern technology in the meat processing industry in Albania. Following step by step the technological developments it manages to ensure the production of quality products.


Our company aims to offer its customers a guarantee of nutritional value. This principle has made this company an undisputed market leader in the prefecture of Korça.

"Tona Co" sh.pk is flexible and responsible, to satisfy customers by providing them with what they want, when they want, provides quality for different customers. Our company establishes correct relationships with all stakeholders, ensures fulfillment of needs, satisfaction, seriousness and good image. This has been achieved through the implementation of high standards of quality control and technological innovations as well as the gathering of production professionals and sales team.

The company aims to provide the best value for its customers who are interested in product quality at affordable prices and wants the money spent on its products to be spent well. Therefore, the proposal for the value of the company is to sell freshness and satisfaction to its customers at reasonable prices. "Tona Co" also conducts production activity according to the ISO 9001 and HACCAP standard, so that its products are recognized and approved in international markets.

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